The Transcript Of Trump’s Latest Interview Just Leaked And It’s Truly Unhinged

POLITICO has obtained a copy of the President’s most recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, and it marks a new low in the president’s mental capacities and demonstrates an astounding ignorance of not only basic economics but of the policies that his own administration is putting forth.

Here’s a sampling of Trump’s most delusional and simply incoherent statements:

Trump, on the efforts he’s made to repeal Obamacare:

MR. BAKER: I mean, what do you think the crucial conversations have been?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Many conversations. I just had one with a certain senator that was very convincing to that senator. So I’ve done a lot. I mean, last night – last night it was amazing. I was at the – you know, I was in West Virginia doing certain things and making a speech to the Boy Scouts, and that was some crowd. That was an incredible crowd.

On how the head of the Boy Scouts Jamboree called him and told him he gave the best speech in Boy Scout history:

WSJ: They seemed to get a lot of feedback from former scouts and –

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Did they like it?

WSJ: It seemed mixed.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: They loved it. (Laughter.) It wasn’t – it was no mix. That was a standing from the time I walked out on the stage – because I know. And by the way, I’d be the first to admit mixed. I’m a guy that will tell you mixed. There was no mix there. That was a standing ovation from the time I walked out to the time I left, and for five minutes after I had already gone. There was no mix.

And I got a call from the head of the Boy Scouts saying it was the greatest speech that was ever made to them, and they were very thankful. So there was – there was no mix.

On taxes and a mysterious figure known as “Mr. Elegant:”

 I want to achieve growth. We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world, essentially, you know, of the size. But we’re the highest-taxed nation in the world. We have – nobody knows what the number is. I mean, it used to be, when we talked during the debate, 2 ½ trillion (dollars), right, when the most elegant person – right? I call him Mr. Elegant. I mean, that was a great debate. We did such a great job. But at that time I was talking $2 ½ trillion. I guess it’s 5 trillion (dollars) now. Whatever it is, it’s a lot more.

On the populations of other countries:

So I deal with foreign countries, and despite what you may read I have unbelievable relationships with all of the foreign leaders. They like me. I like them. You know, it’s amazing. So I’ll call, like, major – major countries, and I’ll be dealing with the prime minister or the president. And I’ll say, how are you doing? Oh, don’t know, don’t know, not well, Mr. President, not well. I said, well, what’s the problem? Oh, GDP 9 percent, not well. And I’m saying to myself, here we are at like 1 percent, dying, and they’re at 9 percent and they’re unhappy. So, you know, and these are like countries, you know, fairly large, like 300 million people. You know, a lot of people say – they say, well, but the United States is large. And then you call places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and you say, you know, how many people do you have? And it’s pretty amazing how many people they have. So China’s going to be at 7 or 8 percent, and they have a billion-five, right? So we should do really well.

On the options for the Obamacare repeal bill that the Senate failed to pass:

Well, then you have to go and decide on what plan you want, which way you’re going to go. You want to decide on is it repeal or repeal and replace. If it’s repeal and replace, which one do you want to go? Which form of existing conditions? I mean, there’s many things. But once you’re in there, then you can really negotiate. This is actually the heart, though.

On the Scottish independence movement, and immediately pivoting to golf:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Is Scotland going to go for the vote, by the way? You don’t see it. It would be terrible. They just went through hell.

MR. BAKER: Besides, the first minister’s already made it clear she –

PRESIDENT TRUMP: What do you think? You don’t think so, right?

MR. BAKER: I don’t.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: One little thing, what would they do with the British Open if they ever got out? They’d no longer have the British Open.

MR. BAKER: (Inaudible.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Scotland. Keep it in Scotland.

MR. BAKER: We just had a – (inaudible).

PRESIDENT TRUMP: By the way, are you a member there?

Trump, on deals:

MR. BAKER: You going to veto the Russian sanctions legislation?

Well, I haven’t seen them yet. I haven’t seen them in final form. I will say this, Congress, if they’re going to negotiate, they make the worst deals I’ve ever seen. They made NAFTA. They made – you know, they allowed the Iran deal to go through.

WSJ: You said you’re opposed –

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I make good deals. I don’t make bad deals. I make good deals. So, but, I haven’t made my – I have not seen them. I have to see.

Trump, on Jared Kushner:

You know what? I don’t even think of pardons. Here’s why, nobody did anything wrong. Look at Jared, everybody – we do appreciate the editorial – but everybody said Jared Kushner. Jared’s a very private person. He doesn’t get out. I mean, maybe it’s good or maybe it’s bad what I do, but at least people know how I feel. Jared’s this really nice, smart guy, who’d love to see peace in the Middle East and in Israel, OK?

Once again, it’s clear that the President of the United States has no idea what he’s talking about and is incapable of holding on to the thread of a single thought for more than a couple of seconds. It is terrifying to know that this man holds the keys to our nuclear codes, and we must do everything we can to kick him out as soon as possible.

Read the whole interview here.


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August 23, 2017