Top Congress Members Just Demanded An Investigation Into Ivanka Trump

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, has been under a lot of pressure and scrutiny for allegedly lying on the forms he had to submit in order to obtain top-level security clearance.

Now, Kushner’s wife and Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, is under the spotlight over similar allegations.

Over 20 House Democrats have written a letter to acting FBI director Andrew McCabe today. They are demanding an investigation into whether Ivanka Trump was entirely truthful in her application for top-level security clearance.

The security clearance application, known as FS-86, requires applicants to disclose any foreign contacts, meetings or business interests they may have, in addition to those of a spouse or sibling.

The letter asks:

“Did she disclose her husband’s meeting with Kislyak and Gorkov? Did she disclose her brother’s and husband’s meeting with Veselnitskaya? Did she accurately disclose her own foreign contacts in her initial filing, which reports suggest may be numerous?

If in fact she did accurately disclose these meetings, who at the White House knew of Mr. Kushner’s and Mr. Trump Jr’s multiple contacts with Russian officials before they were made public? And, most importantly, did she discuss any of these meetings with the President, and, if so, when?”

Pointedly, the letter notes that “knowingly falsifying or concealing information on an SF-86 questionnaire is a felony, punishable up to 5 years in prison.”

Ivanka took on a role in the White House in March. Her rank is equal to that of the President’s chief of staff and national security adviser, two of the most powerful positions in the U.S. government.

Remember that this is a person who has no relevant experience aside from the virtue of being the President’s daughter.

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, has been constantly revising his FS-86 as more revelations surface about meetings he did not disclose.

There is growing concern within the White House itself that Kushner’s security clearance will be rescinded, and with good reason.

Kushner has added over 100 additional names to his original list of foreign contacts. With this fact in mind, it’s hard to understand why he hasn’t been forced to resign, considering he’s intentionally tried to mislead the FBI about his schedule prior to Trump’s inauguration.

Today’s efforts by Democrats represent the latest attempt to force the Republican party to address the issue of ethics and transparency within the White House.

So far, and unsurprisingly, Republicans have avoided this question. Last week an amendment in the House Appropriations Committee that would prevent the White House from issuing clearances to those under investigation for aiding foreign governments was blocked by Republicans.

It is absolutely baffling that any U.S. politician, let alone Republicans, would be opposed to this.

The fact that they have remained so partisan, despite the clear and present threat the Trump presidency represents to the United States is stunning and indicative of how much Republicans truly give a damn about our democracy.

As for Ivanka, it is entirely possible she omitted certain facts in her security clearance, and we need an investigation to figure out the extent of her deception.

If this investigation is successful it will be a particularly harsh blow to the Trump administration, which is fond of using Ivanka as a squeaky clean replacement for her father during public appearances abroad, where she is somewhat more palatable for foreign audiences.

Add your name to millions demanding that Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP!

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August 23, 2017