‘Captain America’ Chris Evans Just Gave The Best Response To Ann Coulter’s Delta Tantrum

The enormously petty yet exceedingly satisfying public dragging of Ann Coulter over her Delta Airlines tantrum reached new heights on Monday with an epic own by Chris Evans, most famous for his role as Captain America in the superhero films.

On Saturday, Coulter took to Twitter to fire off 41 tweets complaining that she had been relocated to a different seat on a Delta airlines flight.

Apparently, she had spent a great deal of time pre-selecting and researching the plane to maximize her seat experience – which she purchased in coach, no less – and was furious when she was relocated to a different seat.

The best-selling “author” and professional racist somehow doesn’t have an assistant to do these things for her and is insistent on making a huge fuss about this.

Going out on a limb here, we’re assuming her vitriol has something to do with the fact that the woman who took her seat and the stewardess who handled the incident were both women of color. Actor Chris Evans fired back on Twitter, putting Coulter to shame with a hilarious quip:

The idea that Ann Coulter’s time is worth $10,000 is beyond ridiculous and speaks to her outrageously inflated sense of self-entitlement. It’s clear that Coulter is just using this incident to get herself back in headlines – but the response from the public has been hilarious.

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September 22, 2017