Trump Fans Just Accidentally Bashed The Declaration Of Independence To Defend Trump

When unwavering supporters of #MAGA and President Trump saw the liberal media attacking their hero in typical fashion yesterday, they sprung to his defense on Twitter (Below).

There was just one problem. The words were not directed at our mad president but the mad King George III. What so offended their delicate sensibilities was the 241 year-old foundation of the country they claim to love, the Declaration of Independence.

NPR, as is its Fourth of July custom, tweeted out the words to the profound declaration of our Founders in an epic thread. Trump’s supporters apparently did not get the memo. Or the history lesson. Or the ideas underlying America’s foundation.

You do have to hand it to them though. Like the president they swear allegiance to, they have a knack for ill-thought backfiring tweets.

Here are just a few of the low lights. Enjoy:

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September 22, 2017